Cultivating Your Confidence

Cultivating Your Confidence Is Easier Than You Think

When was the last time you leapt out of bed and couldn’t wait to get the day started? Your energy was on fire, you felt focused and unstoppable.

Now let’s flip it …

When was the last time you wanted to pull the covers over your head and wished the day would just go away and leave you alone? Your energy was low, you felt distracted and gloomy.

Both situations are directly related to your state of mind. And … your state of mind, is connected to your confidence level.  

When your confidence is high … your heart is full of courage.

When your confidence is low … you feel discouraged.

I see confidence as a pillar of strength inside myself that I must strengthen and protect.

Your self-confidence is vulnerable to attacks that weaken it and make you feel like you can’t do anything right.

There are two confidence killers for you to be aware of so that you may protect your self-confidence. They are criticism and comparison.

These are sneaky and habit forming … and both play a key role in weakening your confidence.

So how can you protect yourself from criticism and comparison, and ensure your self-confidence is high?

Here are three proven ways to cultivate your confidence:

Celebrate your accomplishments

When you focus on what you’ve achieved, you’re able to discover a multitude of wins in your day. No matter how small they may seem, when you look at them through a lens of small wins count, they become magnificent.  Small wins are stepping stones to building your confidence.

Create a circle of support

Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Whether that’s friends, colleagues or a coach … ensure they’re within your reach. Being around people who lift you up empowers you and causes your confidence to rise.  

Change your inner narrative

Often you’re your own worst critics. Your inner conversations can sting, and the target is your confidence. With a slight twist, you can change the stories you tell yourself. “I’m not good at writing.” becomes “I’m improving my writing every day.” OR “I’m not as accomplished as that person.” becomes “I’m stepping into my own power and becoming the person and professional I’m supposed to be.”

Protecting and strengthening your confidence is within you.

By celebrating your achievements, surrounding yourself with those who support you and changing the stories you tell yourself, your days will be filled with gratitude, inspiration and joy. And when you feel those things inside, your confidence will be unshakable … and you my friend … will be truly unstoppable.

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