3 steps to put purpose in your productivity

3 Steps to Put Purpose in Your Productivity


Traditional productivity has become a recipe for burnout and overwhelm.

The concept of getting more and more done, just doesn’t work anymore … and actually, it never did.

Yes, productivity in terms of producing widgets makes sense … right?

But in terms of your brilliance, the amazing service you provide to your clients, your guidance to transformation … well in that regard, traditional productivity … put simply … stinks.

No wonder so many of us are in a state of overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout.

Classic thoughts around productivity leads you to believe getting more done will make you feel more successful, accomplished and you’ll be happier.

Consider this … is getting more done bringing you closer to your dreams … your vision for your life and your work?

Is your MORE fueled by purpose?

Aligning your productivity with your priorities means getting your work done with ease and flow. It means being energized by all that you do. And it brings passion back into your workflow.

No doubt, you likely want to use more time to accomplish your meaningful work and less time working on grind work that burns you out, right?

So how can you practice Productivity With Purpose every day?

It starts with a simple equation …. Clarity +  Courage + Consciousness = Purposeful Productivity.

Let me explain …

1. First of all Clarity. Be clear on the work that lights you up and makes you feel inspired. When you feel this way you are working in your genius zone … a place you want to spend most of your time. When I talk to clients about what their genius hi zone feels like, they say they lose track of time because they’re so immersed in what they’re doing. They feel an incredible sense of satisfaction and at the end of the day, they feel energized and connected to their work, their business and their clients.

2. Second is Courage. Have the courage to say no to those tasks that move you away from your vision and mission.

It’s easy for your priorities to get blurred by the busyness that’s coming at you. It’s like being in a snowstorm and you can only see what’s directly in front of you. The horizon is blurred by the blizzard of flakes. Those flakes are like tasks flying at you. And all you can do to get through it is keep your nose down and keep going.

Having the courage to say No helps you navigate a direct course towards your purpose.

3. Conscious … Be conscious as you work. Catching yourself as you drift to the busywork that doesn’t serve you is so important. When operating on autopilot, you’re highly reactive. When you consciously move through your work, you have a heightened awareness and are able to catch yourself when you move off course.

Imagine moving through your workday feeling completely connected to your purpose.  How gratifying and fulfilling would that feel?



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