How to conquer information overload

How to Conquer Information Overload


How full does your brain feel right now?

Is it bursting?

If you said yes, it’s no wonder. There’s so much coming at you.

We’re all living in an age of information overload.

This morning I was on a walk in my favourite park. The leaves were turning magnificent shades of yellow and red, the birds were chirping and the stream was babbling. It was heavenly.

It was just me and nature.

Yet, I noticed so many others were plugged in, oblivious to the beauty around them.

Perhaps they were listening to their favourite podcast or song. And that’s okay.

Yet, I was perfectly happy being unplugged and tuned in to my surroundings and my own thoughts.

The current situation we’re living in makes us especially vulnerable to consuming more and more information.

Your email inbox is overflowing, your social media channels are buzzing, texts, instant messages are flying at you at warp speed.

It’s endless and overwhelming.

Information overload comes with a price. With it comes anxiety, indecision, analysis paralysis all leading to wasted time and energy.

So how can you stop all this information coming at you without feeling like you’re missing out?

Here’s one simple question, and it holds the answer.

Ask yourself this  …

 “What’s the worst thing that can happen

 if I didn’t read, respond or react to what’s in front of me?

Your impulse may be to answer … “No way! That’s impossible. I can’t do that.”

And that’s natural. You’ve become so accustomed to being constantly connected and on the receiving end of all this information, the idea of stopping it seems inconceivable.

I invite you to sit with your response to that question for a minute … without judgement.

Simply let it sink in.

Then, explore the idea of slowing the flow, even just a little.

How would that feel?

 What difference would that make in your life?

If it feels good to you, then take action.

You can unsubscribe, create email filters, or simply not visit the website or social media channel.

The choice is always yours.

So, if you’re ready to win the battle with information overload, know that it’s within your control.

Your decisions and actions are what make change happen.

Remember, sometimes you must turn off to tune in.



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