Escape Perfection Paralysis

An Easy Way to Delegate


Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard for you to delegate?

Like many business owners when you started out it was just YOU doing everything, right?

Bookkeeping, client service, sales and marketing … and the list goes on.

And when you’re in the startup stage, that’s perfectly natural … and acceptable.

However, now your business is expanding and if you want to grow with ease … and avoid burnout, it’s time for you to start delegating like a pro.

You see, delegation is your ticket to freedom.

Freedom from the busywork that’s keeping you stuck in the weeds and spinning your wheels.

If you want to scale your business, you must get that busywork off your plate.  When you do that, you free up your time and energy and create space for you to work on the things that matter most. The things that will take your business to the next level.

So, let’s create your delegation plan.

Watch this video and I’ll show you the exact steps you can take to delegate with ease.

1. Take inventory of the tasks you want to delegate

Think carefully about your delegation list. Remember, these are tasks that don’t require your unique brilliance and that likely someone else can do it better and faster than you.

Scan your TO DO list and look for these types of tasks. Put an X beside them.

Examples of TO DOs to delegate are … scheduling social media posts, sending out your newsletter, or booking appointments.

Here’s a secret … the number one task to delegate is your bookkeeping.  I learned this the hard way! Once I got this off my plate, I freed up at least 6 hours of time a month.

2. Map it out

Likely all the steps to your tasks are in your head, right? You know instinctively how to get things done. So, when you delegate the task, remember the person on the receiving end can’t read your mind.

It’s really important that before you delegate your download. That means getting all the steps out of your head and onto paper. That way your team will know exactly what to do to complete the task.

Have them ask questions along the way, and then adjust the process as necessary. This will make it really clear for them, and reduce the number of questions they ask you in the future.

3. Test it out

Now that you know the tasks to delegate, start small by picking one task and delegating it.

Remember, this is about you expanding your comfort zone when it comes to getting work off your plate. We want to make it really comfortable for you to hand off tasks to your team. And by comfortable, I mean you have complete trust that it will be done to your standards.

Most entrepreneurs I know stink at delegating. If this is you, you’re in good company. Without a doubt, you truly want to be able to do it better, but there is fear attached to this seemingly simple act. And that’s understandable.

Instead of looking at delegation as a challenge, consider it a huge opportunity for you to feel confident and comfortable as you build your business.

Because when you master delegation your business grows faster.


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