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It’s easy to fall into an impatient way of working.

You may find that you’re often in a rush, feeling very busy every day. As you move from one thing to the next, there’s no time to catch your breath.

This is you on autopilot … working reactively throughout the day.

Reactivity breeds impatience … which manifests as irritability, restlessness, and contracted thinking. When you work reactively, it’s impossible to see the big picture.

However, when you allow patience to come in and be your guide, all of a sudden your view changes. You have an expansive feeling and an openness to receiving … and along with it comes compassion and kindness.

When you work patiently, you’re able to see the opportunities before you, which were hidden when you were in a state of impatience.

Impatience creeps in for me especially when I’m driving.

The other day, I got into a slow-moving lane and was caught behind a lineup of traffic that was turning left.

All of a sudden, impatience flooded my being. I went into this state of aggravation and feeling very, very angry.

I was angry with the situation …

 “Why do these people even want to turn left?”

I was angry with myself …

“Why didn’t I get into the other lane when I had the opportunity?”

Then I checked in with myself and I recognized that impatience was coming in and taking over.

So, I replaced my impatience with patience.

I took a deep breath, turned on the radio, listened to some music, and I just let the situation unfold. Within minutes, the traffic started to move and I continued on to my destination.

Yes, I arrived a few minutes later than I otherwise would have, but the journey was much more pleasant than if I’d continued to sit in that state of impatience.

How impatience affects your business …

You may be feeling that you’re not where you want to be in your business or career. You may be feeling that you’re not as far ahead as other people who are flying past you in the fast lane.

Instead of succumbing to that feeling of impatience and getting angry and frustrated about where you are, try replacing those feelings with patience.

Say to yourself …

“I’m where I am right now, and instead of getting frustrated and sinking into impatience, I will move forward and enjoy the journey.”

Today I invite you to see how you can bring patience into your life and into your business … whether you’re sitting in traffic, in line at the grocery store, or writing that email inviting people to work with you.

Bring a sense of patience, kindness, and compassion into your situation.

Because in business and in life, it’s the journey that’s the point.

So go ahead and enjoy it.


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