How to Move From Fear to Focus

Fear and uncertainty have been a constant companion to many of us during these challenging times.

The sun has come out, spirits are lifting, and possibility is in the air.

You can see potential on the horizon.

On one hand that might feel really exciting … while on the other hand, it may feel terrifying.

That’s what I’m hearing from many people I’m speaking to.

There’s a different type of fear in the air.

It’s the fear of missing out.

There’s fear that you haven’t done enough in your business so that when things start picking up again, you’ll be ready.

If that sounds like you, you’re in good company.

When I was thinking about this idea, I couldn’t help but think of my garden.

I’m not a natural gardener, but I’d like to be.  When I looked at my garden, I saw a few plants coming up, but the soil was dry and didn’t seem to be in great shape.  However, there was potential.

I just had to tend to the garden to make it happen.

Well, then I started telling myself stories.

“You don’t know how to garden, Valeri”

“You don’t know what you’re doing.”

“It’s going to take too much time.”

I started talking myself out of actually tending the garden.

Which meant that my garden sits unattended … while other people’s gardens have daffodils and tulips and all sorts of plants are blooming.

The same may hold true when it comes to running your business.

How will you tend to your business so that it blooms and thrives?

Tend to your mindset

Remember those stories I was telling myself about not being a gardener? Those stories started messing with my mindset.

My mindset around being a gardener had to change in order for my garden to grow.

When It comes to your business … your mindset is everything.

When you tell yourself stories that you haven’t done enough, that others are doing more than you … your mindset will get messed up.

Instead, tell yourself these stories …

“I am where I need to be right now, and it’s okay.” 

“My clients and my potential clients are there and they’re waiting for me.”

When you tell yourself these types of stories, your mindset changes and you’ll be able to see potential and possibility.

Maybe you haven’t tended to a few things in your business, but you will.

Start tending to your mindset so you can get your business ready to flourish.

Work ON your business

You might have some gaps in your schedule that you can start streamlining your systems, working on the back end of things, doing all those, “working on your business,” items that always got pushed to the side when you were busy all day, every day.

If you have kids at home you have to be super vigilant and efficient with the time that you’re spending when you work on your business. The key is to ensure that these are high-value, high-impact tasks

Become visible

Becoming more visible can feel daunting … especially when there’s a voice inside your head telling you to stay quiet.

Start slowly.

Try commenting on social media and work your way up as your confidence boosts.

There are people out there who want to hear your message.

Sunnier days are ahead.

Let’s make sure your business is ready for growth.

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