find comfort in a crisis

How to Find Comfort in a Crisis

My husband is an avid collector.

Ever since he was a little boy, he has loved collecting all sorts of things. These collections brought him joy.

As he grew older, those collections got put in a box and put on a shelf … saved for a day when he would have more time to pull them out and find that happiness again.

Well, the time has arrived.

Last night, on my way to bed, I peered into his office. The light was on and there he was with his collection. The joy on his face lit up the room.

Even though life has changed and there are many stresses and uncertainties, that collection brought him so much comfort and joy.

I understand how troubling these times are for you. I’m going through it. My clients are going through it.

We’re all facing challenges … and going through this together.

You may be feeling that joy is something that’s been put away on a shelf … replaced by worry and fear.

I have something that will provide you with some relief … as it’s given me and my client, two of whom you’ll hear from in a minute.

I call it my Comfort Collection and it’s a list of the things that bring joy and comfort during times of crisis.

Valeri’s Comfort Collection

  • Sitting by the fire.
  • Knitting
  • Walking in nature (especially with my dog, Lucy)

How do these things make me feel?

  • Calm
  • Relaxed
  • Abundant

Jane’s Comfort Collection

  • Her dog
  • Being physically active
  • Celebrating traditions and rituals

How do these things make her feel?

  • Comfort
  • Peaceful
  • Loved
  • Content

Trish’s Comfort Collection

  • Music (especially nostalgic music)
  • Cooking (especially the chopping and peeling)
  • Stories being told to her (audio-books or podcasts)

How do these things make her feel?

  • Ease
  • Secure
  • Control

You have your own comfort collection. It’s inside of you … and may have been shelved for a time.

While it may be hard to access that comfort collection, I invite you to pull it off the shelf, dust it off, and think about the things that provide you with comfort.

What helps you feel at ease, peace, relaxed and in abundance?

Just like my husband, Trish, Jane, and myself … now is a good time to recapture the comfort that lies within you … and make time for it every day.

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