This One Thing Will Calm Your Frazzled Mind

Will Calm Your Frazzled Mind

How would it feel if you could focus on just one thing at a time? When I asked my clients that question, they said the same three things. They would feel … calm focused in control Now, what if I asked you … How would it feel if you went through your day being calm,…

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How to Move From Fear to Focus

Fear and uncertainty have been a constant companion to many of us during these challenging times. The sun has come out, spirits are lifting, and possibility is in the air. You can see potential on the horizon. On one hand that might feel really exciting … while on the other hand, it may feel terrifying.…

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Pivot Your Mindset From Surviving to Thriving

Pivot your mindset from surviving to thriving

Remember as a kid playing the game hide and go seek? There was always that one kid who you could never find because they were the tiniest and most flexible and could hide in the smallest of spaces. For me, that was Susan. We could never find Susan. And oftentimes we would just give up.…

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3 Ways to Set up Your Productive Home Office

productive home office

I’ve been having many conversations with people who are having frustrations and challenges with working from home. On the one hand, there are those who are used to being in an office building and are finding it quite a challenge to be working in a home environment. Then there are others who are used to…

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How to Find Comfort in a Crisis

find comfort in a crisis

My husband is an avid collector. Ever since he was a little boy, he has loved collecting all sorts of things. These collections brought him joy. As he grew older, those collections got put in a box and put on a shelf … saved for a day when he would have more time to pull…

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