focused on the big picture

How to Stay Focused on the Big Picture

I have a question for you.

How aligned are you with the big picture of your business?

And when I say big picture, what I mean are the things that form the foundation of your business: your vision, mission and goals. Essentially, your Why.

Your vision describes where you’re going.

Your values form the belief structure of your business, and typically help drive decisions.

Your goals are the milestones along your journey to achieving your vision.

In this video, I share how to ensure you’re working on the tasks that move you towards achieving the big picture in your business.

Here’s the reason I ask: How aligned are you with the big picture of your business?

It’s because when your tasks are not aligned with the big picture of your business, then they become busy work.

They become the low-value tasks that take up your time.

These are things that cause you to spin your wheels and prevent getting any traction in helping you achieve your big picture.

Alternatively, when your tasks are in full alignment with the big picture of your business, then they are purposeful and value-driven.

These types of tasks take on a power that will help move you towards what you’re trying to accomplish … your big picture.

You’ll find you’ll also be working with integrity and authenticity in your business, because these tasks are directly connected to your values.

When your tasks are tied to your big picture goals, then you’re moving towards achieving certain milestones in your business.

What I invite you to consider is to concentrate on putting the purposeful growth-related tasks to the top of your list, and move those low value, busy work tasks off your radar or delegate them to somebody else.

The goal is to always be working in alignment with the big picture of your business.

That’s where the magic happens.

That’s where you’ll achieve what you set out to achieve.

That’s where you make a difference.

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