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My Favourite App for a Focused Mind

I’ve discovered an amazing productivity app I’m excited to share with you. It’s helping me stay focused as I move through my work … and it also allows my mind to wind down at the end of a busy day.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I’m a fan of anything that helps you sharpen your focus so you can work optimally. That’s what this app does.

It’s fuel for your mind … helping you lock in your focus so you can get your important work done.

It’s called Calm …  and if you’re wondering, this is not an affiliate product I’m promoting. Whenever I find a tech tool that I use … and one that I know will help you … be assured I’ll let you know about it.

Calm is an incredibly powerful meditation app that helps bring stillness to a frazzled mind.

Watch this video where I’ll show you how I use Calm to help me stay focused and relaxed so I can get my work done more effectively and efficiently.

A relaxed mind is a focused mind. 

Mindset, relaxation and focus are extremely important for you to have in order to get your work done in a way that leaves you feeling on top of your tasks, not buried by them.

The Calm app is like having your personal meditation coach in your back pocket. I’m still exploring all its capabilities, but here are four ways I’ve unlocked the power of this little app.


I’m a relative newbie when it comes to meditating, so I love how Calm walks me through the process. With Calm as my guide, I simply select my desired mediation and duration, and Calm does the rest. If you’re more advanced in meditating, and just want some background sounds, then that’s available too. These meditations are wonderful for whatever stage of the meditation journey you’re on.

Sleep Stories

If you’re like me, you get to the end of the day and you’ve got a lot of stuff still whirling around in your brain. Yes, you can write all those tasks down, which is what I recommend you also do; however, there may still be some residual stuff going on in your head. To get to sleep it’s important for you to quieten your mind. Calm has sleep stories, which are bedtime stories (remember those days!) with a narrator who reads them using a relaxing cadence that lulls you to sleep.


Calm has a variety of songs that play peacefully in the background while you’re working (I’m playing Soothing Piano right now). If you’re someone who loves to listen to music while at work, but don’t want distracting lyrics, you’ll love Calm. I always use it while I’m writing or doing any kind of big brain tasks that require my full focus.


Mindfulness is about bringing your best brain and energy to everything you do. Having the connection of your mind and your heart is so important as you move through your workday. Calm’s mindfulness masterclasses cover a variety of topics such as compassion, gratitude, peak performance, overcoming fear. These masterclasses are delivered in bite-sized chunks which makes them easy to follow and fit in to your already busy day.

If having a more focused mind is an area you’re feeling challenged to master, and you want to be more focused through your day, I highly recommend giving Calm a try.

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