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The Right Way to Choose Your Tech Tools

There’s a myth out there when it comes to choosing the right tech tools for your business.

Today, I’m going to dispel this myth once and for all because it’s getting in the way of you choosing tools that actually get the job done, simply.

Whether you want an app for scheduling meetings, balancing your bank account or managing your projects, once you know this tech truth, it makes everything easier.

Watch this video and I’ll reveal the biggest tech myth on the market, and what you must do if you want a tech toolkit that works for you.

The myth claims that purchasing a tech tool will solve the operational challenges you face in your business. When you follow this way of thinking, you’ll choose the tech tool first, and then figure out how to fit your business processes into it.

I see this all the time, so if this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Full disclosure … I’ve taken this route myself. I’ve chosen some tech tools and they just sit on my digital shelf, unused.

The result …

Wasted time.

Wasted money.

Wasted effort.

There’s a better way to ensure the tech tools you’ve invested in will work for you and your business.

Here’s the thing …

Choosing tech tools is like buying a beautiful car. It’s bright and shiny and comes with all the snazzy features like heated seats, a great sound system, all of those things that you think you really want and need.

But without the fuel, that fancy car will go nowhere.

The same holds true for your tech tools.

If you reach for the tech tool without outlining the system first, your tech tool isn’t going to work as well as it might otherwise.

Here’s your first step …

Write out the step-by-step system for getting the specific task accomplished. For example, the way your clients will book time with you.

When you see all the steps in front of you to make this happen, it’s only then you’ll know the right online scheduler you need to get the job done. Likely, it’s the one with very basic features and a smaller price tag.

There’s no point in purchasing a tech tool that does all sorts of wonderful things when you really only need it to do a few basic functions.

Many tech tools have different packages with different features included in each level. It’s always a good idea to start with a basic package and then move up as your business needs evolve.

Here’s my equation for building your tech toolkit:

Systems + Technology = Success

When you take a systems-first approach to getting things accomplished in your business, you can then confidently choose the right tech tool to support those systems.

Then your business will operate like a well-oiled machine.

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