overcome your tech fear

There’s something I’ve been noticing with my clients these past few weeks … and I’m wondering if the same is true for you.

It seems they’re resisting their tech tools.

When I work with business owners, we spend a lot of time and effort putting systems in place, and then we choose the right technology to automate certain tasks.

Even though these clients are excited to finally have their businesses streamlined and automated, they’re reluctant to start using the apps to bring the systems to life.

After some reflection and discussion, they admitted to having fears around the technology. They confess there’s an inner voice whispering …

“You’re not smart enough to use this tech tool.” 

“You’re too old to understand technology. Find somebody younger who knows how to use it.” 

“You’re going to break something and mess it all up, so go back and do it the way you used to do it.”

If this sounds familiar, allow me to introduce you to your gremlin, that critical inner voice that’s keeping you stuck.

The truth is your gremlin is completely wrong.

You likely know that fact, on some level.

However, those messages keep replaying in your head and are preventing you from moving forward.

What that gremlin is really telling you is …

“Just stay safe. Do it the way it used to be done and all will be well.”

When you follow that advice, what tends to happen is you fall back into the old habits and patterns, even though you know this isn’t the right way to do it.

You might even revert to the manual way of doing things, despite having spent time, money and energy to make change happen.

I see it all the time … and the good news is I have a solution for you.

It’s a four-letter word, and when you watch this video, I’ll tell you all about it.

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The solution comes down to this simple, four letter word … PLAY.

Just play.

This is what I recommend my clients do when they say, “I’m stuck in these patterns.”

Start to play with the tech tool. I promise, you’re not going to break it.

Take kids for example …

We admire them because they seem to know the right things to click to make the app work.

It’s actually not that at all.

It’s really because they have no fear … no gremlin telling them they can’t do it.

They’re clicking around, exploring and experimenting.

And that’s exactly what I invite you to do with your technology.

If you have a CRM, you’re not using … or at least not using to its fully capability … start to play with it.

Add a few people, add some fields, and add some notes.  When you’re feeling more confident, be brave and send them an email.

When you’re playing with your tech tools, you’ll feel confident, and start trusting your tech.

So, take your technology for a spin and have some fun.

Use your technology to put your business on autopilot so you can focus on your important work that will help you rise to your full potential.