The secret to having it all

Have you ever been asked, What’s the secret to your success?

Perhaps you’ve asked someone else that very question … waiting with bated breath for them to reveal the true secret to having it all.

Maybe you’ve spent some time setting goals for the months ahead … with each goal connected to a version of success that you’re trying to achieve.

For me, I spent weeks, defining my goals and listing tasks to make those goals happen. However, it always felt like something was missing.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, but it kept tapping me gently on the shoulder trying to get my attention.

The trouble was, I was too focused on goal setting to pay it much attention.

With my Yearly Plan completed, I was eager to get started. I had all the metrics and milestones mapped out to guide me during the months ahead and keep me on track.

And then it happened.

That thing that was tapping me relentlessly on the shoulder finally showed itself to me.

It was such an AHA moment that I wanted to share it with you, because I know it will help you too.

The thing is, when you know this, all the dots get connected and everything just falls into place. At least it did for me. With this place, reaching your goals and feeling like you have it all … will come with ease.

Watch this video and I’ll tell you all about it.

Solutions are found in simplicity.

It’s surprising how peeling back the layers on things that seem so difficult reveals the one thing that was right in front of you all along.

It just got buried along the way.

The secret to having it all in business and life, comes down to knowing your values.

When you’re 100% clear on your values then you know what authentically drives you and what is meaningful to you.

In other words, what matters most.

You see, in all the goal setting and planning I’d done, the one bit of work I hadn’t spent any time on was getting clear on my values.

I had a general idea of what my values were, but nothing concrete. Nothing written down that I could see, touch and feel.

Because of this, my Yearly Plan was fundamentally flawed and I would never achieve success because I wouldn’t know it when it arrived.

I wouldn’t feel it or celebrate it … I’d just move on to the next level or goal.

Having it all and feeling successful starts with getting clear on your values … the principles you live by … what’s truly important to you.

When your goals are aligned with your values it becomes easier to have it all because “all” is defined only by you. Not someone else’s definition of success.

A client of mine said she wanted to hit multiple six figures in the year ahead. At first it was just a number written on a page. Meaningless.

Then I asked her the question she hadn’t expected … Why does making multiple six figures matter?

Mic drop!

She’d never thought about it that way.

When she started to write down her reasons and connect her goal back to her values, all a sudden the number took on a new life and a new energy.

Your Next Step

As you’re putting the finishing touches on your Yearly Plan, beside each goal ask yourself this question …

Why does this matter?

Check in with yourself.

Does it align with your values?  If the answer is Yes … awesome … if your answer is No or I’m Not Sure… it’s time to dig deeper into the value behind the goal.

And that is the secret to having it all.