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Get sh$t done with these 5 accountability tricks

Being your own boss is likely the number one reason you started your business.

No more 9-5.

No more asking someone for time off.

No more commuting to a cubicle.

Freedom and flexibility beckoned, and you came running!

I get it because that was definitely me when I went out on my own many years ago! (And I never looked back.)

The benefits of having your own business are countless. But like most things in life, it comes with some drawbacks.

Particularly … getting stuff done.

Sometimes, having a boss watching over you … someone who holds you accountable … is a good thing.

Because, when no one is watching you, it’s easy to give in to distractions and procrastination … the two biggest productivity assassins out there.

So many solo business owners I meet struggle to check things off their TO DO list and move projects forward.

This doesn’t necessarily include client work. I’m sure these tasks are a top priority for you.

But when it comes to things in your own business, not being held accountable gets in the way of progress. Think about those unfinished projects … like the website that hasn’t launched, the business plan that’s gathering dust or that podcast that’s still an idea in your head.

Lack of accountability is the biggest contributor to business atrophy … where projects pause and TO DOs linger endlessly on your task list.

So how do you stay accountable so you can take inspired action each day and move your business (and all your great ideas) forward?

In this video, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the 5 things I do to propel myself forward when stagnation strikes.

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If you want to get things done in your business, accountability must be your ally.

Here are five things I do to encourage myself to move forward on things that might otherwise get put on the backburner indefinitely.

#1. Act as if you’re being watched.

Studies have shown that you’re at your best when you know someone is watching you. Think about it … would you behave differently if you thought people were watching?  Likely you answered yes. Use your imagination and pretend that there’s a camera in your office … and I’m watching you!

#2.  Find an Accountability Buddy.

This is so simple yet so impactful. When you have to answer to someone your perspective shifts. I had an accountability buddy early on in my business and suddenly I started ticking tasks off my list. It was magical. All because I’d rather do it than find excuses as to why I didn’t get it done.

#3.  Invest in a Coach, Mentor or Mastermind.

When I was struggling with having just one client, I knew things had to change if I wanted my business to work. So I invested what little I had in a business coach and it was transformational. Suddenly I knew the steps I had to take to have profitable six-figure business.

#4. Announce your intentions to others.

Putting “it” out there is a huge motivator. When I announced I was holding a workshop and actually put the date out there, I was committed. No amount of talking myself out of it would work because others were now counting on it. Especially when people started to register.

#5. Hold group Get It Done sessions.

This is a business work-date where you come together to get your work done. Gather in person or virtually and work on something at the same time. I used this technique to write a book and prepare for my coaching certification.

Your Next Step

Choose a project or task that has stalled. No review this list and try implementing one trick to get it unstuck and moving forward.