3 excuses that keep you stuck

Three excuses that keep you stuck

How many times have you felt caught in the daily grind of your business, sinking into the busyness and feeling like you’re being pulled in a million different directions?

I hear this all the time.

In fact, in our recent TakeFlight Mastermind Retreat … this came up.

Everyone around the table … all of whom are successful, smart, creative solo business owners … admitted they felt they spent too much time in the Grind.

The Grind is where the boring, back-end busywork lives. The things that distract you from working on growth-related activities that move your business forward.

These are things like marketing, creating an online course, writing a book …  and generally, the things that increase your income and impact in the world.

Despite knowing there’s a better way to work … that your success lies outside of the Grind … you may feel yourself resisting.

You keep doing it all yourself, taking on more and more.

Perhaps, like many entrepreneurs, you hide behind the excuses that are keeping you spinning your wheels.

Even though you desperately want to implement all the wonderful productivity tricks you’ve learned, it just seems like those were meant for someone else, not you.

I know you have big hopes, dreams and goals for your business … so it’s no wonder you feel frustrated and stuck.

In this week’s video, I’m going to help you get out of the Grind once and for all! We’ll start by naming those excuses that are causing you to feel overworked, overscheduled and overwhelmed. Once you expose these excuses, you’ll be able to overcome them and move forward with ease and flow.

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Excuse #1: I can’t afford to hire someone, so I’ll just do it myself.

This is the most common excuse I hear from solopreneurs because we generally undervalue our time.

For easy math, let’s say your hourly rate is $100. Typically you spend 10 hours a month on administrative tasks such as updating your website, scheduling clients and formatting PowerPoint slides.

You’ve just spent $1000 on administrative tasks that don’t directly tie into your bottom-line revenue.

For every hour you use to fight with WordPress, figure out where to slot clients into your calendar and learn how to put animations in PowerPoint …  there’s a cost.

It’s the cost of what you could have been doing instead.

Think about how you could have invested those 10 hours to generate revenue and drive business growth.

And think about how someone else could have done all those administrative tasks faster, better and likely at far less a price tag than $1000 for 10 hours work.

Time is your currency … invest it wisely.

Excuse #2:  It would take too much time to train someone … so I’ll just do it myself. 

This is where investing your time and focus comes into play.

When you have all the steps out of your brain and written down describing “how things are done” in your business, you’ll be able to easily delegate to someone else.

They then take that task over and improve upon as necessary.

It’s the “rinse and repeat” approach that I use in my own business and I teach to all my clients.

When you have structure, systems, and support in place … you and your business will be unstoppable.

Excuse #3:  No one else cares about my business as much as I do … so how can I trust someone else with it? I’ll just do it myself.

That’s likely true … at least the first part.

You are PASSIONATE about your business. However, your goal is to build your team with people who care (and are passionate) about what they do as well.

So, the key is to ensure you have communicated your vision of your business and they know the WHY behind what they’re doing … and how it fits in to the bigger picture.

When there’s a purpose that’s communicated behind every task … your team will feel connected to your vision and mission.

Make it easy for your team to love your business as much as you do. That will make trusting them with running things a much smoother transition

Your Next Steps:

When you’re feeling depleted by the Grind tasks on your TO DO list, check in with yourself and see which excuse is keeping you trapped.

Then release the task to someone who can do it better and faster.

And go work on the stuff that will move your business forward.