Three ways to overcome your fear of failure

Three ways to overcome your fear of failure

It takes a lot of courage to run your own business.

Every day you’re faced with challenges and hurdles you must overcome in order to move forward and reach your goals.

Some days are easier than others.

There’s a fear that’s present in every entrepreneur I’ve ever met … and I have this fear too.

It’s with me whenever I plan a workshop, launch a new program or speak at an event.

It’s the fear of failure.

This is number one on the list of fears that come with running your own business.

The upside is it’s very natural to have a fear.

So what do you do with this fear of failure that’s hanging over your head like a black cloud?

Know this … you won’t remove it completely, but you can push it to the side so you’re able to move your business forward.

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1. Calm Yourself

Being in a state of fear comes with panic and paralysis. Knowing how to calm yourself is so important so you can get unstuck. For me, I like to sit quietly, close my eyes and take deep belly-breaths until I feel the tension release. This always calms and centres me.

2. Reframe the Fear

Give yourself another perspective when it comes to the fear you’re facing.  Think of the situation as a challenge or a learning opportunity. For example, when I face my fear of delivering a workshop, I reframe it as an opportunity to learn from the event and improve it for next time. When I reframe it this way, it takes the edge off the fear and I’m able to move forward with confidence, rather than getting caught up in the fear.

3. Visualize the Situation

Imagine yourself in the situation that’s causing the fear, and picture yourself handling it with ease and flow. Doing this reduces the power the fear holds over you. For example, when I see myself at the workshop presenting well and the participants are learning a lot of useful information, the fear subsides.

Using these three tips, will help you overcome your fear of failure and you’ll be able to move your business ahead with clarity and confidence.

Your Next Step

Think of a situation that brings up fear for you. Which of these three tips will be most helpful so fear no longer stands in your way?