declutter your business

How to declutter your business

Does your business feel messy and cluttered?

I’m not talking about your physical space … that’s your office.

I’m talking about WHOM you’re working with, what you’re working ON … and HOW you’re using your precious time.

Your messy business likely means you’re time-starved

If you’re feeling pulled in a million directions, dreading another meeting with that client, or not being able to make room for going to the gym … you’re not alone.

As solos, we’re juggling a million responsibilities and every one of them has taken on the illusion of a priority.

It’s time to clean up your business

So, if this is you … it’s time for some serious decluttering in order to make room for what will drive business growth and fuel your joy in being your own boss.

Not sure where to start? Watch this video and I’ll take you through the three areas of your business, that once decluttered, will make space for more time, more clients and more activities to move you and your business forward.

There are 3 things that require decluttering:

1. Clients

Decluttering your clients means removing the clients that not longer fit your ideal profile … and therefore, no longer fit your business. You know the ones I mean … they’re the ones you dread when you see them on your calendar or their email in your inbox.  Likely they’re taking up way too much of your time and energy.

Declutter TO DO:  Take a look at your client roster and pinpoint the clients that are no longer a good fit … and then kindly break up with them.

2. Calendar

Now it’s time to look at your calendar and see what kind of events and activities are taking up your time and energy. No doubt, there’s a bunch of things that are filling up your time … and likely aren’t serving you or your business.

These might include networking events, coffee meetings, and conferences. You may be eager to pack your schedule with these types of events with the intention that you’re meeting people and networking. And these are all good reasons … as long as you’re being strategic.

Declutter TO DO: Be very selective when saying yes to events and think of the business reason behind them. Remember, this is time away from doing the important work in your business. If the ROI isn’t obvious in these types of events … declutter them.

3. Community

Community is so important, especially as a solopreneur. It brings connection and company (being your own boss can feel lonely.)

So being selective about the communities you join (whether that’s social media or in-person groups, is important. How many groups are in your social media feed? How many of these groups do you actually visit, comment and connect?

Declutter TO DO:  Do a quick audit and remove yourself from those groups that no longer make a difference in your business, or you may have outgrown. Now move onto those events you attend in person. How do they make a difference to you personally or professionally? Be ruthless. If the ROI isn’t there, let’s free up your time and energy for what is important.

Removing clutter brings clarity and confidence.

Once your clients, calendar and community have been decluttered you’ll feel a rush because space and energy have opened up.

You’ve eliminated what no longer works to make room for clients, events, groups that will take you and your business … where you want to go.

You’re primed to reach your full potential.

You’re confident and clear about what you’re doing, who you’re serving and how you’re spending your time.

And isn’t that what running your own business is all about?

If you feel stuck, if you feel overwhelmed, if you know you have amazing potential but you just can’t seem to figure out how to live it… let’s talk.  You’ll get the strategic support to move forward and a healthy dose of motivation to go along with it.

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