Fixing the right problem

Are you fixing the right problem in your business?

As a solopreneur, one of your superpowers is leaping over business challenges at the speed of light.

While overcoming issues has become second nature to you, some still stop you in your tracks and cause you to reach for closest solution to make it go away.

Sometimes the solutions work … and sometimes they don’t.

Fixing any problem is knowing the right problem to solve.

In your business there are two types of business challenges:

  1. When you need more clients/revenue … that’s a SALES + MARKETING
  2. When you have difficulty delivering your service seamlessly … that’s a CAPACITY

Before you can find … and apply … a solution that will work, you must identify the type of challenge you actually have.

Sounds like common sense … but I’ve seen this get muddled many times.

Watch this video to learn Lynn’s story and how she discovered the real problem within her business.

Lynn is an ambitious bookkeeper who wants to grow her business into multiple six figures and beyond.

When we first met, her main goal was to get more clients. She identified the solution as putting a CRM and sales pipeline in place.

“I want more clients and revenue” … she told me.

Those are both good things to have when you’re an ambitious entrepreneur.

When we dug deeper, we discovered the real problem.

The real problem was … Lynn was completely maxed out managing the client load she currently had. She was working 24/7 and felt like she was burning out.

Bringing on more clients into her current business flow wasn’t sustainable.

If we only focused on streamlining her sales and marketing processes … the result would be an influx of clients that she couldn’t efficiently manage.

If those clients didn’t have a wonderful experience, they would leave and likely never refer her …

And in the process, she was dangerously close to burning out of her business.

Fixing the Capacity problem first lays a solid foundation for growth.

So, we started with the end in mind … and got her service delivery system systematized and streamlined.

We put in place a project management tool to centralize all her TO DOs so no client work would slip through the cracks.

And … we streamlined her service delivery system, so client work was organized into a step-by-step flow.

Now … she was able to handle the influx of new clients and deliver a first-rate customer experience as her business grew.

Best of all she would do it without breaking a sweat.

You see, Lynn was so focused on bringing new clients into her business … she didn’t realize that solving the SALES + MARKETING problem was the wrong problem to address.

Lynn’s business is now set up for success.

Now, Lynn’s business is positioned to support and sustain the growth goals she has set out for her business.

And … we’ve moved on to streamline and automate her sales and marketing systems.

YOUR NEXT STEP: Prepare your business for growth.

Take a look at your own business. Do you have the support structures in place to make growth easy?

Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look to ensure you’re fixing the right problem.