Janet was time starved.

Like you, she felt there wasn’t enough time in her day to get everything done.

Solo business owners are always in the time crunch.

As a busy business owner, it’s natural for you to feel like Janet because you’re juggling so many balls.

You’re likely on pins and needles waiting for at least one of them to drop.

Thankfully, I knew exactly what to do to coach Janet through it.

The solution to the lack-of-time paradigm starts with a $50 bill.

As we were settling into her coaching session, I asked Janet if she would give me $50 so I could buy a book I was anxious to read.

The question took her by surprise and she was visibly uncomfortable. We had just started working together and didn’t know each other all that well.

There was a long pause … and then she said, “Um … no, I don’t think so.”

I assured her I understood and then asked if she would mind spending 50 minutes with me later so I could get her perspective on improving my coaching practice.

She happily agreed and even asked if we should book the time right now.

I stopped her as she was opening her calendar and asked her permission to share an observation.

She agreed.

Watch this video to find out the big AHA moment when it comes to solving your time crunch paradigm.


Janet resisted giving me money … yet she happily gave me her time.

In Janet’s mind, $50 was more valuable than 50 minutes.

And that’s where the problem with time starts.

We tend to value money more than we value our time.

In real life, the opposite is actually where the truth lies.

Time is more precious than money.

Money can be replaced, time can’t.

There is a finite number of hours in your day.

Once your 24 hours are gone … they’re gone.

This simple truth is so often forgotten, and leads to so many entrepreneurs falling into the time trap.

I was in the same boat as you and Janet. I used to consistently give away my time;  to people, to tasks, to activities. I usually didn’t think much about how I was spending my precious time.

When I started thinking about my time through a different lens, everything changed.

It was when I thought about time as my most precious resource, things started to shift.

I made smarter decisions about how I was using it … and instead of frivolously spending it, I started to invest it.

So, here’s what I invite you to do …

Stop giving away your time.

Start thinking about your time as a precious, non-renewable resource.

Something to be protected at all costs. And used it in a way that will move you towards your goals.

Whenever you’re about to do anything in your business (or even your life) … ask yourself…

Is what I’m doing right now moving me closer to my goal?

If the answer is NO … then delete it, delegate it or DEFER it.

Your time is precious … invest it wisely.