What better time to think about gratitude than as we approach Thanksgiving in Canada. For those in the United States … consider this advance planning.

As a business owner, how do you give thanks to those who support you and your business?

With the hectic pace of running your business, it’s natural if you haven’t found the time or space in your schedule to reflect and give thanks.

What would you say if I told you that gratitude has been linked to better sleep, reductions in physical pain and a greater sense of well being?

In general, gratitude could be the ultimate cure for happiness!

Knowing that more happiness is on the horizon, how will you make gratitude a priority in your business … and in your life?

Here are 5 powerful ways to show gratitude in your business. These are easy to implement and will soon become your happiness habit!

1. Write client testimonials

Write a testimonial for your client about how wonderful it was to work with them and why. It could be something as simple as, “It was a pleasure having you as a client. You’re always helpful in providing the information we needed to get the job done.”

2. Send tokens of thoughtfulness

Sending small gifts, “just because” goes a long way in making someone’s day. There is no ulterior motive attached to the gesture, rather it’s all about giving them something they would enjoy.

3. Keep a gratitude list

Each day write one thing you are grateful for today. Keep it simple. It could be as easy as Time to workout today or Healthy food in my refrigerator. Doing so will also keep you mindful of all the good things that happen as you move through your day.

4. Replace your To Do list with a Ta Da list

Your To Do list is a mile long. Some days, you might shake your head and wonder what exactly you accomplished. That’s what your Ta Da list is all about.  It tracks what you have completed, which makes it easier to see that you were likely far more productive than you thought.

5. Give virtual high fives

It’s easy for you to give virtual high fives using social media. Endorse someone on LinkedIn, like someone on Facebook or send out a gratitude tweet on Twitter. Kind words go a long way, especially on the Internet.

Your Next Step

Who is one person for whom you will express gratitude today? How will you reach out and let them know you appreciate having them in your business, and your life? Share in the comments below and let’s continue our conversation on gratitude.