Mother nature is pissed.

It has taken the teenage voice of Greta Thunberg to be her voice and cause people to pay attention to the environmental crisis that has been brewing for 30 years.

Recently, there were environmental rallies and protests all over the world to raise awareness and spark action.

When it comes to the climate, it’s no longer business-as-usual

I was chatting with a group of women business owners (some of whom had been at our local protest) about their thoughts on the climate change crisis.

Many were in tears that humankind could have let things get to this point.

And that each of them accepted their own responsibility for playing a part in it.

The truth is, all of us are guests on this planet, and we all have a responsibility to make change happen.

The good news is you’re not powerless in this fight.

Just the opposite.

Small steps bring great change

You can take action.

Even the small things you do in your business and life will move the planet in the right direction and spark change.

Solo businesses can make an impact

As I reflected on what I could do in my own business, in this video I’ll share some things I’ll be doing to make my business environmentally friendly.

Three ways you can immediately reduce your environmental footprint

Of course there are more than three things you can do to fight climate change.

Here are three things you may not have thought of doing.

It’s with small steps that we can fight the crisis that is affecting our beautiful planet.

1. “Precycle” Office Supplies

“Precycling” is the simple act of reducing non-recyclable waste before it starts.

Asking yourself this one simple question, “Can I recycle or reuse this?” will make a huge difference, both in your purchasing habits and in the amount of waste you create.

  • Choose office supplies that come in recyclable packaging.
  • Use paper clips instead of staples.
  • Invest in a tape dispenser rather than “disposable” plastic tape dispensers.

2. Turn off your equipment

Computers, printers, and other office necessities use up lots of energy and expand the energy footprint of your office.

  • Put all of your electronics on a power strip, and flip the switch to off when the items are not in use.
  • Adjust your computer’s settings to optimize battery usage and hibernate after a period of inactivity.
  • Use LED bulbs in your light fixtures to further reduce your energy consumption.

3. Take paperless notes

You likely love to take notes by hand rather than keyboard.

Now there’s a way to take digital notes, that feels exactly like paper note taking.

  • Invest in a pen-like stylus to take digital notes on your tablet.
  • Try an online note-taking program like Evernote, One Note or even the notepad on your tablet.
  • Use a whiteboard or chalkboard, so you can jot down notes and erase them without the waste.

Doing these things will also bring about a ripple effect

You’ll soon start to notice where you can reduce, reuse and recycle in other areas of your life.

Please share the one thing you will do, starting today, to be a more environmentally conscious business owner.