What to do when your assistant quits.

what to do when assistant quits

Reading her email felt like a slap across my face. Well, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but hearing that someone who had been helping me in my business for years now wants to leave, well that’s exactly how it felt. Looking back, it took a lot for me to decide to hire someone. I felt…

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How to gain more time in your day

Gain more time in your day

Janet was time starved. Like you, she felt there wasn’t enough time in her day to get everything done. Solo business owners are always in the time crunch. As a busy business owner, it’s natural for you to feel like Janet because you’re juggling so many balls. You’re likely on pins and needles waiting for…

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5 tips to stay productive while working remotely

stay productive while working remotely

One of the luxuries of being your own boss is the freedom to work from anywhere. Many times you’ll find yourself working outside of your office. It could be a co-working space, a coffee shop, an airport or even a library. The point is, you want to be just as productive there, as you are…

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5 powerful ways to show gratitude


What better time to think about gratitude than as we approach Thanksgiving in Canada. For those in the United States … consider this advance planning. As a business owner, how do you give thanks to those who support you and your business? With the hectic pace of running your business, it’s natural if you haven’t…

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3 ways your solo business can fight climate change

Mother nature is pissed. It has taken the teenage voice of Greta Thunberg to be her voice and cause people to pay attention to the environmental crisis that has been brewing for 30 years. Recently, there were environmental rallies and protests all over the world to raise awareness and spark action. When it comes to…

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