grow your consulting business

Stop doing this if you want your business to grow

If you want to grow your consulting business, I have a very special message for you today.

This comes from my heart because I’ve seen so many solo entrepreneurs burnout before their business has had a chance to lift off.

My message to you is to ….

Stop doing everything yourself in your business.

When you read that, what comes up for you?

Perhaps you hear a whisper giving you all the reasons why this isn’t possible:

  • I can’t afford it.
  • It would take me too long to explain how to do it.
  • No one will love my business as much as I do.

While these may seem to be fair points, what they’re really doing is keeping your business stuck.

The truth is, when you stop DIYing your business, exponential growth will happen.

The reason is simple, it’s because you can then place your complete focus on the things that only you can do in your business.

I call this your Brilliance Zone.

When you spend your time here … you’re focusing on helping your clients, developing new services and attracting more clients.

All these activities increase your impact and income.

And your business will grow.

Watch this video where I reveal the myth that’s keeping so many solos stuck and small.

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Stop doing these things

When you’re in your Brilliance Zone, you’re not going to be doing the grind work of your business.  This is the boring behind-the-scenes work. These are things like bookkeeping, updating your website, fixing IT issues. The Brilliance Zone is where you grow your consulting business.

Doing these things will only distract you from your bigger goals and priorities … and cause your focus to become weak and fragmented.

It’s time to break the DIY myth

This might be hard for you to hear because as a solo entrepreneur, doing everything yourself has become the norm.

I hear this all the time … “As a solo business owner, I have to do it all myself.”

And that is a big fat lie.

As solos we’ve been fed a constant diet of tech tools that make it look so easy to do it yourself.

The marketers behind these tools put together videos depicting happy business owners building their own website, reconciling their own bank statements and creating their own email newsletters.

Perhaps like me, you’ve bought into the DIY work style.

When I first started my business I was operating on a shoestring budget and the idea of outsourcing anything seemed out of reach.

So I did it all … including the bookkeeping.

The truth is, I’m not a bookkeeper, so it’s natural that I’d make a bunch of mistakes.

I had a wonderful accounting tool, but it takes more than a few keystrokes to do it right.

It takes bookkeeping Brilliance …. and that’s something I didn’t have.

I could have used the time and energy I spent figuring out all the numbers  to serve more clients and bring in revenue.

Become the CEO of your business

As you move through your tasks, ask yourself this one powerful question:

“Would the CEO do this?”

For me it sounded like this …

“Would a CEO do their own bookkeeping?”

The answer was a resounding NO.

It’s time to step boldly into the CEO mindset and become THAT person.

Not the back office support person stuck in the Grind.

These three steps will ensure you’ve set your week (and your focus) up for success. Rather than sitting and staring at a blank screen, you’ll know exactly what to work on next to grow your consulting business.

Your next step

Think about one task you can stop DIYing in your business. Maybe it’s bookkeeping, event planning or copywriting. Whatever it is, commit to outsourcing it.