increase sales

This is how to increase your sales

When was the last time you spent a full day working to increase sales in your business?

By that I mean following up with prospects, putting business cards and notes into your CRM and looking for networking opportunities?

There’s no doubt when you start making sales and marketing a priority, you’ll boost your sales.

The truth is when my clients start doing this every week, they increase their sales exponentially.

When you make sales and marketing an activity you do daily or at least weekly, it keeps you focused on what matters most … bringing in more clients, which increases sales and your revenue so you can make a bigger impact in the world.

As the CEO of your business, it’s your responsibility to bring new clients into the fold.

A lot of my clients and business owners I meet, have a love/hate relationship with sales.  They love getting new clients and making more money, but they hate having to have sales conversations. It makes them feel sleazy and slimy.

Can you relate?

If so, it’s natural that you’d procrastinate and move your sales tasks to the back burner.

However, the reality is without any clients, you don’t have a business.

So let’s make business building easier …. and almost fun for you!

Watch this video where you’ll see what I do every week to increase sales.

Here’s what I do, and you can use this for your own business development day.

For me, Thursdays is the day I work on sales and marketing.

I start off by attending my morning networking meeting, which gets my energy pumped up and I’m excited to meet new people and learn about their businesses.

Then, I spend the rest of the day working IN my sales pipeline and ON my marketing projects.

This includes:

  • Researching great networking events to attend in the weeks ahead.
  • Putting business card information (including the notes – this is the most important part) into my CRM.
  • Following up with people I’ve met and book a coffee or phone meeting with them.
  • Connecting and engaging with people on social media

I also think of my business development day as time to work ON my marketing. This includes:

  • Writing my social media posts.
  • Writing and recording my weekly vlog.
  • Meeting with my marketing team to move projects forward.
  • Planning my marketing activities for the following quarter.

Here’s what I know for sure …

When these tasks get buried under other priorities in your business, you’ll face the next month with no prospects on the horizon.

A wise sales coach once told me if my client roster isn’t at full capacity, it’s my responsibility to spend at least half my time filling it.

Your next step

Carve out time in your week to increase sales and marketing. Feel free to use my sales boosting tasks to get you started on building your profitable business.