3 surprising ways to boost your creativity


As an entrepreneur, your creativity IS your brilliance. It’s why you started your business in the first place. To take beautiful photographs.To write prolific prose.To coach people to their truth. Your creativity is your superpower to solving people’s problems. When your creative juices dry up it feels debilitating Have you ever had a block between…

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3 free tech tools to streamline your business

You know that horrible dream when you’re caught on a treadmill and the faster you run the faster you go nowhere? Ever feel like running your business is like that? Particularly when you’re trying to book a meeting with a client, get a signature on a proposal or receive payment for your hard work? You…

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This is how to increase your sales

increase sales

When was the last time you spent a full day working to increase sales in your business? By that I mean following up with prospects, putting business cards and notes into your CRM and looking for networking opportunities? There’s no doubt when you start making sales and marketing a priority, you’ll boost your sales. The…

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Stop doing this if you want your business to grow

grow your consulting business

If you want to grow your consulting business, I have a very special message for you today. This comes from my heart because I’ve seen so many solo entrepreneurs burnout before their business has had a chance to lift off. My message to you is to …. Stop doing everything yourself in your business. When…

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