organize your files

How to organize your files

Want to know a secret about me?

I used to be a professional organizer.

As I went through the training, I gained so much valuable information and experience on how to organize business documents.

This is an area that frustrates so many of my clients and business owners I meet … when they waste time and energy looking for files.

So, I’m going to share my organizing structure with you, so that can find things easily and efficiently … and bypass frustration.

I use it. My clients use it. And now you’ll be able to use it.

Watch this video where I share the system I’ve created to file and organize your files. It’s so simple and easy to follow, I guarantee you’ll love it.

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The secret ingredient to building an effective filing structure to organize your files is called mirroring.

And it’s magical.

Essentially, you develop one filing structure that gets mirrored in various areas of your business such as in your digital documents, paper files, bookmarks … anywhere your stuff gets organized.

I use the same organizing structure to organize my files for both my business and personal documents.

It’s simple and effective because it allows your brain to think in one way … it doesn’t force you to think in different patterns to find the same information.

Here are the five main areas for you to use to create your filing structure.

  1. Admin

This is the back office of your business. Files that support the administrative functions of your business are placed here, such as legal and insurance documents, business planning, resource materials, and your business playbook.

  1. Sales + Marketing

This is where all the materials you use to build your reputation in the marketplace. Files that live here include service/package, descriptions, logo images, social media posts, newsletter articles, stock photos etc.

  1. Service Delivery

This is the place where all your client projects and related documents are stored and any tools and templates you use in delivering your service to your clients.

  1. Money

Your financial documents are stored in this area. All your year-end documents get stored here, budget spreadsheets, bank and credit card statements and receipts. If it relates to money, it gets stored here!

  1. Team

Think of this as the HR (human resources) area of your business. Even if you’re a solopreneur, it’s important to have this filing folder. This is where you will place any volunteering documents that apply to you. If you have a support team, you’ll place vendor rate sheets here, job descriptions and your organizational chart.

Your next step …

Start moving your documents into these five main folders and in no time, your filing structure will feel organized and you’ll experience an incredible sense of calm … and relief.

Ready to organize your business? Get started here.