how to have a productive week

How to have a productive week

In this post, I’ll teach you how to have a productive week.

Did you know that getting the right work accomplished is easier than you think?

The trouble is when you have mountains of work sitting in front of you, the very idea that getting stuff done in your business can be “easy” may seem impossible.

I’m here to show you that during those busy times, having a process to organize and prioritize your work is a sanity saver. I’m here to teach you how to have a productive week.

Let’s get you set up for a successful week ahead so when you get to Friday you’ll feel great about all you’ve achieved.

In this video, I’ll show you how to have a productive week. There are three things you can do to boost your productivity to ensure you’re making progress on all your projects. I even throw in my productivity booster secret at the end!

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Step 1: Get everything out of your head and onto your task list.

You have a busy life … personally and professionally. That means you carry a lot of remembering inside your head.

What eventually happens is you’ll catch yourself not remembering important facts and that’s when things start to fall through the cracks. (This is especially true as we get older. Trust me on this one!)

Have you ever been in the shower or falling asleep and suddenly remember something really important that you forgot to do?

That’s no coincidence.

Step 2: Pick out tasks that have upcoming deadlines in the week ahead.

Tasks that have deadlines in the next 5 days are your priority and what I refer to as your Focus First Tasks.

These types of tasks is where you place your attention above all the other noise that’s coming your way throughout your day. Because these tasks have a drop-dead-due-date in the coming week, this automatically pushes them to the top of the list.

The other Focus First Tasks are those things related to business growth. By that I mean revenue-generating tasks. Typically, these include client work, developing new services, and sales (following up with leads) and marketing activities.

Step 3: Block focused time in your calendar.

Now that you’ve identified the Focus First Tasks for the week ahead, blocking time in your calendar is the crucial next step to make sure the work gets done.

Think of these time blocks as appointments with yourself and resist moving them or scheduling over this time.

My secret productivity booster is …

Each day, write down the most important task of the day and keep it in front of you. This is the task that must get done today … or you’re not leaving your office.

Having it in front of you will remind you (and redirect you) when you start procrastinating and letting distractions hijack your day.

These three steps will ensure you’ve set your week (and your focus) up for success. Rather than sitting and staring at a blank screen, you’ll know exactly what to work on next.