get back to work

How to Get Back to Work After a Vacation

Have you ever felt that post-vacation reluctance of getting back to work?

As those lazy days of vacation draw to a close, you may find yourself wishing it would go on for just one more week … or longer.

And as much as you love your business and your clients, once you unplug and unwind you realize just how much you truly enjoy relaxing.

To help ease your re-entry into your business, I have a trick that’s so simple and practical you’ll easily be able to implement it.

Watch this video where I’ll show you the one thing you can do to push past that post-vacation apathy and get yourself back into the rhythm of work, without missing a beat.

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With a little preparation, getting back into your work routine is a cinch. When you do this one thing, it’ll be incredibly easy for you to know exactly what to do that first day back.

Here’s the back-to-work secret I use to avoid post-vacation paralysis … that sluggishness you feel as you sit down at your desk, turn on your computer and feel unable to decide what to work on first.

When you do this one thing, instead of a slump, you’ll feel pumped to get down to work because you know exactly what to do first.

Here’s my tried-and-true return to work formula:

Plan your first day back from vacation before you leave.

That’s right.  You’re going plan what needs to get done, the day before you leave.

Here’s how it works.

Your last work day, before you turn on your out-of-office notification, take 25 minutes to write down all the things that have to get done your first week back.

Make a list and then circle the top three things that are top priority.

Then for each of the top three tasks, write the one thing that has to happen to move it forward.

Finally, block time in your calendar to get that work done.

You now have your back-to-work day planned.

What I love about this trick is your post-vacation self doesn’t have to figure out what has to get done.

You’ll no longer waste time staring at the computer, endlessly trapped in your inbox looking for easy (yet low value) tasks to complete.

Instead, you’ll kick start your first day back and feel energized and productive.