When was the last time you got up close and personal with your business?

By that, I mean taking time away from the busyness of the day-to-day and working ON your business?

If you’re like most business owners, the answer is … “Would like to, but haven’t done it.”

That’s what so many of my clients say when I ask them this exact question.

Maybe you think that a strategic business plan is nice to have and not a necessity. That there’s just no time to break away from revenue-generating activities to step outside the business and look down from 30,000 feet above.

Perhaps you believe that working ON your business is a luxury for those who have a team that can run the show when you’re not there.

Or … like most entrepreneurs, it’s likely that you start to spin when you think about WHAT you would actually do during this time out of your business.

Given all the balls you are juggling, it’s understandable that holding a day to map out your strategic business plan hasn’t made it to the top of your TO DO list.

Today is your lucky day because we’re going to put an end to those excuses and help you create a kickass strategic business planning day agenda that will set you up for the next 90 days and beyond.

You can use and re-use this agenda to suit your own business goals and aspirations.

In fact, I use this exact 3-step agenda with all my clients as I host their personalized Strategic Business Planning Retreat.

Watch this week’s video and I’ll take you through my agenda for a productive strategic business planning day.

Your strategic business planning day agenda is broken down into the following 3 essential steps

Reflect : Where have you been?

This is your opportunity to look back and celebrate your successes … and no doubt there have been wins for you in the last few months. These don’t need to be monumental. They can be as simple as getting your blog out every week or signing up 3 people onto your Facebook page.

I’ve seen so many business owners skip over the amazing work they’ve done, to rush on to the next TO DO.

During your business planning day, make a list of all your accomplishments and be sure to include how they moved you forward towards your goals.

Review:  Where are you now?

Now that you’ve celebrated where you’ve been, turn your gaze to the present. Where does your business currently stand?

This step is all about looking at the metrics in your business. These can include revenue, number of subscribers to your list and social media channels, sales conversions and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

Many business owners rarely take a look under the hood of their business to see what the numbers are telling them. What then happens is they get a surprise at their year-end and scratch their heads wondering why their business isn’t as profitable and isn’t performing as well as they thought it was.

What I know for sure is numbers don’t lie.  So use your strategic business planning day to review the KPIs in your business and listen to what the numbers are telling you.

Refocus:  Where will you go?

Now that you have clarity around what’s working in your business and you’ve identified the opportunities for improvement, it’s time to put the puzzle pieces together and determine your priorities for the next 90 days.

Whether you have an official business plan or not, this step is important to ensuring your next 90 days are spent working on the things that will move your business forward in an intentional direction.

As you define your TO DOs for the days ahead, ensure they’re all contributing towards reaching your business goals. If they’re not, then they’re deemed as either busywork that gets delegated or deleted from your list, or move them to a Good Ideas list that you can review at your next strategic business planning day.

Your next step …

Take out your calendar and reserve the date of your strategic business planning day. If you have a team, this is an opportune time to invite them in to contribute and make sure they feel connected to the success of the business.

Once you’ve booked the date, share it in the comments below so we can cheer you on!