How many times have you felt stuck in your business?  That’s natural; a lot of us want to get unstuck.

Instead of moving forward, you start spinning, feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unable to take action?

If this situation sounds like something you’ve experienced, you’re in good company.

I was in the same situation not that long ago.

I felt hopeless and helpless in my business. More on that later …

And the more business owners I meet, the more I realize this is par for the course of being a solo business owner.

Let’s face it … with the amount of responsibilities on your plate, it’s natural for you to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed at times.

In the first years of starting my business, I was completely overwhelmed. I only had one client and had no idea how to market myself, price my packages and get clients.

I felt like a fraud and a victim trapped by my business.

I would sit at my desk, staring at the computer screen, unable to even think of the next right step.

Watch this video where I’ll share with you what I did next and how you too can get unstuck and take confident action to move your business forward.

After spinning and being stuck for months, I decided to join a coaching program focused on getting clients.

You see, I was tired of blaming myself for not being able to “cut it” at having my own business.

Once I realized that my main challenge was the fact that I had no idea “how” to run and market a business, I was able to forgive myself.

And with that forgiveness came an incredible sense of calm and clarity.

Finally, I was able to see what to do next and confidently take that next step.

How you can shake off that stuck feeling?

As a solo business owner, the responsibility of your success rests on your shoulders … and that’s a huge weight for you to carry.

So what’s the best way out?

Here’s what worked for me … and with the many clients with whom I work.

  1. Be aware

Being stuck in your business puts you into the role of victim. And when you’re a victim, you’re at the mercy of your feelings.  That means the helplessness and hopelessness will cause your business to plateau and you to burn out.

The good news is when you’re aware of what being stuck is doing to you and your business, you’re positioned to make change happen.

  1. Forgive yourself

Letting yourself off the hook is essential. Beating yourself up with negative thoughts will keep you spinning in victim mode.

Forgiveness is the key that allows you to move forward and release feeling like a victim.

  1. Take control

Now that you’ve stop spinning, you’re positioned to make change happen in your business.  Getting unstuck brings with it calm, clarity and confidence to move forward.

Determine what you want and what’s important to you. Name it, and do what you need to do to make it happen — for yourself.

Resist the urge to blame and get angry. That’s a slippery slope back down into feeling stuck and a victim.

Instead, focus on taking a step forward to move towards you goals.  Hone in on what matters and why.

Want help getting unstuck?

I’d love to help you right now.

Tell me where you’re stuck, confused or overwhelmed.

We’ll work toward finding your right next step towards getting you unstuck so you can grow your business.