In this post, I share 5 tips to keep you productive and stay connected while working remotely.

As an entrepreneur, freedom is likely one of your highest values.

Freedom to choose the type of work you get to perform, the ability to work with the type of clients you love … and most importantly, the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Working remotely is definitely one of the perks of the self-employed. And, like everything, it’s sometimes easier said than done.

As I write this, it’s a beautiful, sunny summer day. I’m at my cottage, sitting on the deck watching the boats float past.  Yes, summer fun is beckoning me.

I’ve decided to extend my weekend visits to the cottage by agreeing (with myself) to mix cottage life with work.

Perhaps you’ve also made a similar decision for your business this summer. To enjoy a longer time away by mixing work with pleasure.

If you’ve ever made working remotely part of the way you run your business, this video is a must watch.  I share 5 tips to keep you productive and stay connected without sacrificing precious playtime, while you work remotely.

  1. Define your work hours

When you work remotely it can be difficult to have a set work schedule, especially when distractions come to call.

Think about a time of the day that’s easy for you to protect from distractions, such as first thing in the morning. That way, you’ll have completed your work and are then free to focus on having summer fun for the rest of the day.

  1. Create your workspace

Carve out a space that is a dedicated work area. It can be as simple as a table in the corner of your cottage or cabin. If you’re staying in a hotel on your working vacation, stake your claim to the desk in the room and make that your workspace.

The key is to resist spreading out your computer and papers so they blend into the physical space of your vacation.

  1. Make internet access a breeze

Having a strong internet connection is a must-have when staying connected while working remotely. Few things are as frustrating as the spinning wheel on your computer as you’re trying to download a document or having your video conference freeze.

There are many data plans available, especially when in cottage country.

  1. Maintain your focus

There are many temptations when working remotely. Having the discipline to get your work accomplished is SO important.

Turn off distractions, set a timer and stay accountable to your team are some tricks to staying on track with your work commitments.

  1. Stay connected with your team

Remember, your business is still humming as you enjoy your time away from your main office. Letting your team know your revised work hours is important and that you may not be as accessible as usual.

Keeping projects on track by regularly communicating with your team will help ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

If you’re feeling like you’d like to have more freedom and flexibility running your business let’s talk.  Book a free strategy call with me.

You don’t have to figure this out on your own.  I know the exact steps and tech tools required to streamline how stuff gets done so you can run your business on your terms … and from anywhere!