Have you been curious about online scheduling tools but have resisted because you don’t know how it would benefit your business?

Or maybe you feel that having that type of automation will take away the personal touch.

It’s natural to feel that way whenever you use technology to replace a human face or voice.

Many of my clients felt the exact same way before I showed them how an online booking system could actually help, rather than hurt, their business.

In this video I’ll share how using an online booking software will make things easier for you and your clients when trying to find a convenient time to meet.

Here are 3 situations where an online scheduling tool will benefit your business:

  1. Use an online scheduling tool when: a prospect wants to book a meeting with you

Someone lands on your website, is interested in working with you and wants to set up a meeting.

Rather than doing the email dance, with an online web scheduler, you have these two options:

  • You embed the calendar with available appointment times showing right on your website. They select a time and boom … the meeting is scheduled.
  • They fill out a form on your website (usually on the Contact Us page) provide you with more details about their situation and why they want to meet with you. If they’re someone you can help, send them an email reply with a link to your online schedule planner and boom … the meeting is scheduled.

The key is to make it easy for the person booking the meeting … while at the same time keeping the human element in the process.

  1. Use an online scheduling tool when: a client wants to book their appointments with you

Setting up appointments with your clients can take up a lot of your time … or your assistant’s time. At one point I spent hundreds of dollars using my assistant to manage my client appointment bookings. I’ve since saved that money by using an online booking software.

My clients simply follow a link to view date and time options for their coaching sessions, select the one that works the best for them and that’s it. They receive a calendar invite with all the details to show up for their session.

  1. Use an online booking system when: someone needs to reschedule their meeting with you

Before my online booking system became a staple in my business, countless time, money and energy went into rescheduling meetings. The back-and-forth emails caused delays and frustration (on both my and the other person’s part.)

Instead, to reschedule their meeting they simply go to the appointment in their calendar, click the Reschedule This Meeting link and they’ll see my available appointments. No more waiting for a response from me, which may cause frustrating delays.

There are many online scheduling tools and online appointment booking apps on the market. So, it’s natural for you to feel overwhelmed trying to decide which one will work best for your business.

Many of my clients have resisted using an online scheduler because of this very fact.

If you need help, send me an email and we’ll figure this out together. And, I’ll use my online booking system so you can book a time that works best for you!