Is your inbox overflowing?

Have you lost track of what is even buried in there?

It’s happened to all of us.

That dreaded email resurfaces … the one that got lost and you come across it as you’re innocently scrolling.

I call it the holy cr@p moment.

Maybe you’ve tried to regain control of your inbox, only to have it replenished with fresh emails as soon as you get it to zero.

It’s totally understandable that you feel defeated and have possibly given up on even trying.

Well, I’m here to give you new hope … and share my very simple method for clearing out your inbox.

This is what I’ve learned from reading countless email self-help articles and even teaching an inbox zero course …

When it comes to dealing with your email, there are only 2 decisions you have to make.

I’ll explain more in this video.

Keeping it simple is the secret to keeping your inbox at zero, and your head from exploding!

There are only 2 decisions you must make with every email:

  1. Toss It
  2. Task It

Yes, it’s really as easy as that.

When to Toss It

When you open an email that doesn’t require you to do anything, you simply Toss It.  (If the idea of deleting emails makes you uncomfortable, then archive it.)

When to Task It

When you open an email that does require you to do something, you simply Task It. This means adding it to your TO DO list, putting it in your calendar, reading something, or responding. If it’s something you can do within a few minutes of opening the email, do it on the spot. If it requires more time and effort, add it to your TO DO list and file the email in your newly created @Action folder.

And that’s it.

Very simple. Very effective.

Your Turn

Are you stuck in your inbox?  Leave a comment below and I’ll personally answer your questions.