I have a confession.

I’m a recovering perfectionist.

Perfectionism always came naturally to me. I used to think it was my greatest asset, and I often bragged about it.  

Now, after spending decades growing my business and working with a number of solo business owners, I see it for what it really is …  the biggest barrier to growth.

Perfectionism usually came calling when I was about to do something big in my business … take a risk …  put myself out there.

It felt like a cement block around my ankle, keeping me stuck in the same spot … day in and day out.

Then, the fears came flooding in …

What if people judge me?

What if I fail?

What if I’m perceived as a fraud.

Have you ever felt this way?

These fears are perfectly natural and totally understandable. Likely, this is the story you’ve told yourself when you’re about to do something new. That queasy and uncomfortable feeling happens to all business owners, so you’re in good company!

What I’m certain of is this … perfection is based in fear and giving in to the fear will keep you trapped.

You’ll feel paralyzed in your business and your dreams for the future will evaporate in a puddle.

I know this … because I’ve experienced it myself. (And I help solo business owners break through perfection paralysis all the time.)

Watch this video where I share my behind-the-scenes story of how I pushed past the perfection paralysis that was holding me back, and proudly took imperfect action.

If you’re faced with perfection paralysis, here’s something I use with my clients.  

Change the way you see it.

Instead of seeing perfectionism as a gift … view it as a burden that’s holding you and your business back.

It isn’t your friend … it’s your foe.

Next time you’re faced with a situation where you feel stuck and afraid to move forward … ask yourself this question …

“What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

You may be surprised by your answers.

Remember, you’re resilient, you’re brave and you’ve got this!

Kick perfectionism to the curb once and for all.

And if you need some help, I’m here for you. I invite you to book a complimentary strategy session and we’ll get you unstuck and moving forward.

Your Turn:

Share an example of imperfect action you took and what you learned. Let’s all be imperfect together and continue this important conversation.