Have you heard the expression, The truth will set you free?

For busy solopreneurs running a growing business, there’s another mantra that resonates even stronger.

Systems will set you free.

Everyday, I speak with business owners who struggle to keep up with all the TO DOs on their list.

They all agree that lack of time is their top pain point, which prevents them from taking their business to the next level of growth.

Recently, at my Get Out Of The Grind workshop, I asked the group what running their business would feel like if they were only doing the work they loved to do.

Here’s what they told me …


Imagine working every day, feeling this way!

Here’s what I believe to be true …

Systems are the key to having a business you love.

Watch this video where you’ll discover how systems will revolutionize the way your run your business.

  1. Systems make delegation is a breeze.

Many solos I meet resist delegating because they think it would be faster if they just did it themselves.

I hear this ALL. THE. TIME.

And the truth is, they’re right … and wrong.

Yes it can be faster if all the steps to doing the task live in your head. When this is the case,  explaining how to do something over and over again, feels like a nightmare.

So you end up doing it yourself.

When you have a system, you’ve already created the steps (and written them down somewhere).

As a result, delegation becomes the simple action of saying “Here … can you do this for me please … and this is exactly how you do it.”

Didn’t that feel WAY easier.

Systems release you from wasting your time and energy explaining and answering questions.

  1. Systems guarantee the same great results, every time.

Having systems brings consistency into your business.

You want your clients to have a great experience working with you, right?

Well, to make sure that experience is consistently provided, you must have systems.

When clients have the same awesome experience every time they work with you, they’re more likely to become a repeat client and happily refer you to others.

When you use systems … everyone wins!

  1. Systems save you time and energy

Few things are more depleting than recreating the wheel with each new project.

That is the definition of wasted time.

When you design a system around repetitive tasks, you do it once and then the task is set on autopilot.

Your Turn

What is one system you’ll create in your business to free up your time and energy? Share it in the comments below and let’s continue our conversation.