There’s one thing all entrepreneurs have in common  …. whether you’re just starting out, making six figures or well into the seven digits.


It’ll stop you in your tracks.

Despite your best efforts to try and “have it all together”, you just can’t seem to get ahead of all the TO DOs that come flying at you each day.

It’s easy to get buried underneath all that busywork.  

You know what I’m talking about. Formatting documents, fixing that glitch on your computer, updating your website.  All the stuff that doesn’t light you up, require your brilliance or grow your business.

These are the tasks that live (and keep you in) the Grind.

The one thing that busyness also prevents you from doing is opening yourself up to new opportunities.

Been there, done that.

Watch this video to discover the one thing you can do right now to grow you business.

Early in my business, I couldn’t figure out why my business wasn’t growing. Revenues had plateaued, there were no new clients on the horizon and I could feel burnout nipping at my heels.

Day after day, it felt like the same old, same old. And I still wasn’t getting any traction.

My business coach recommended that I get out from behind my computer and attend a conference.


How could I possibly do that? I’m WAY too busy formatting documents, fixing my computer and updating my website.

At first I compromised by agreeing to attend a webinar.  

A webinar would be more convenient for me and would fit in-between all my busywork.

However, she insisted I go in-person. I relented and signed up for a local conference.  


  • I was inspired.
  • I met new people.
  • I learned new things.

More importantly, my entrepreneurial spirit was RENEWED.

I came back to my office, and excited to begin creating a new offering for my clients. That’s when things took off for my business.

I was hooked.

I signed up for another conference … it was 3 days long and 6 hours from my office.

Attending LIVE events has now become a necessary habit for me.

I’m sharing my story with you to encourage you to step outside of all the busyness that’s holding you back, keeping you stuck and being held captive in the Grind.

It’s time for you to explore new opportunities, spark your creativity and expand your network.

It’s time for you to get out of the Grind.

Your business will love you for it!

Your Turn

What’s one thing you’d love to do once you’ve been released from the Grind? Share you comments below and let’s continue the conversation.