I was thinking about you the other day. About what your business stands for, what you value and how these intersect to move you forward in a meaningful direction.

Having just finished the book Start With WHY, by Simon Sinek, I was reminded of the importance of connecting with your values to discover the deeper purpose for you and your business.

In this busy world, it’s easy for your WHY to get drowned out by the noise, the unending task list and the demands of other people.  As Simon describes it, your WHY is your cause, purpose or belief. It’s why you get up in the morning and inspires you and those around you.

When your WHY gets pushed aside, you quickly begin to feel out of balance, stressed and even resentful.

The importance of your WHY.

Let’s face it, your business is your baby. It’s an extension of your purpose.  If you’re like many solo business owners, you started your business to make an impact in the world.

And this impact was likely grounded in your values.

Your WHY is a reflection of your values and serves as your driver, your compass and your inner guide.

When your business is in alignment with your WHY, you feel the flow. Things feel easy, natural and joyful.

My client described it so well. She said she wanted to be purposeful as she moved forward in her work and life.  She wanted to be strategic in how she used her time and energy so she could always be in a place of inspiration and fun.

Essentially, she wanted to enjoy what she was doing all the time.

This is what it feels like when your business is operating in alignment with your WHY.

I know, this paints a rosy picture for sure. Real life doesn’t always play out this way.

Sometimes you don’t enjoy what you’re doing.  

Sometimes your business may feel messy, chaotic and a chore.

Sometimes you aren’t having fun in your business.

When you feel these things, it’s a signal that you’re out of alignment with your WHY.  

There’s a dissonance and disconnection. You wonder why you’re working so hard for something that feels like it doesn’t make a difference, doesn’t bring you fulfillment and isn’t an expression of your mission.

When this happens you might hear a little voice say, “What’s the point?”

Have you ever felt like this in your business?

I know I have.  

It’s because somewhere along the line, your WHY got buried, forgotten or left behind.

And this is a sign that it’s time to reconnect with your purpose.

In this week’s video, I share 3 important reasons why your WHY is so important for your business.

Three Important Reasons to have a WHY

  1. Attract ideal clients

When you’re clear about your WHY, and you live it every day, it inspires others to do the same. Your WHY is a beacon that attracts ideal clients to you.

You probably like to be around people who believe in the same things as you do. Most people do.

In business, the same thing happens. Your ideal (and loyal clients) will instinctively know, like and trust you, because you mirror their values.

  1. Build your loyal team

Finding a team to help you grow your business and serve your clients is often a monumental task. There’s no doubt, hiring is the number one issue most entrepreneurs face when it comes to running their business.

When the vision and mission of your business is connected back to each position on the organization chart, your team understands how their role contributes and connects to a higher purpose.

When you meet a potential team member who believes in your mission, hiring them will seem easy because it will feel right.

  1. Make the right decisions

Your WHY is your compass guiding you along the path of your purpose. That is the fundamental importance of your WHY. It keeps you pointed in the right direction.

As a result, decisions become easier to make … and you’re confident they’re the right decisions.


When I set out to discover my own WHY, it didn’t come to me quickly. I was surprised that it didn’t. To really bring it to life I had to take time, get quiet, and listen to my intuition.

Once I did that, my WHY was created:

To empower business owners to work smarter so they have the energy to rise to their greatest potential.

Want to discover you WHY?

Here are some helpful links to help you get started:

Start With WHY (book)

Start With Why  (website)

Your Turn

What’s your purpose, mission or belief that inspires you everyday? Share it in the comments below and let’s continue our conversation.