3 easy ways to automate your inbox

What would it feel like to be greeted by a neatly organized email inbox each day?

The kind of inbox that contains fewer than 20 emails at any given time.

Where there are no hidden surprises lurking in those unopened bits of mail that got buried under the daily deluge.

Let’s face it, your email inbox is a Pandora’s box, full of other people’s priorities all vying for a piece of your precious attention, while at the same time pulling you away from your important work.

Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, I’m going to show you three powerful features you can implement right away, that will help you take back control of your inbox once and for all.

Here are three automators I use all the time (as do my clients) and it makes a huge difference to how I deal with email.   

  1. Use email templates

How many times do you catch yourself writing the same emails over and over again?

You can save a bunch of time by writing them once and reusing them often.

Email templates are so easy to use, you’d expect everyone would know about, and love, using them.  

Guess again.

I’m always surprised at the excitement I see on my clients’ faces when we set up this automation feature.

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  1. Schedule Send

Setting boundaries with your time is key to getting your work done.  

When you respond to or send emails outside of your work hours, it send two messages:

      1. You’re available 24/7.
    1. You expect the recipient to respond (and to also be available 24/7).

Scheduling your emails to be sent during typical working hours is a handy feature that respects everyone’s boundaries.

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  1. Filters and Rules

Setting up filters and rules is like having an armed guard for your inbox protecting your focus. Non-essential emails create so much clutter, it makes it hard for you to pick out what is important.  

When you filter these out of your inbox and into the right folders (or into the trash), it allows you to put your attention on dealing with the emails that require action by you.

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Your Turn

How overwhelmed are you by your inbox? What are some ways you deal with the daily deluge. Share you comments below and let’s continue the conversation.