Too busy to grow your business? How to stop spinning and start scaling.

February 6, 2019By

Here’s a startling statistic I want to share with you about what it takes to grow your business …

… 50% of your time must be focused on getting more clients.  

How did you feel when you read that statistic?

Did it resemble overwhelm with a touch of panic?  Maybe you’re in disbelief, thinking there’s no way you could ever manage to pull off that kind of time commitment.

Profit is what separates a business from a hobby

As a busy solopreneur, no doubt you’re run off your feet fighting fires and handling the next “urgent” matter. Most days are a blur because you’ve been pulled in so many directions.

The thought of spending half your day focused on following up with prospects, commenting on social media, and attending networking events, sends you directly into a tail spin.

I hear you!

You started your business because you’re awesome at what you do and you love helping your clients.

That’s how you want to spend all your time. Sales and marketing? Meh!

Maybe, part of you isn’t surprised when you hear the 50% reality check.  You know to increase your income and impact in the world, you must keep your client roster filled.

So you’re not really surprised, you’re just unclear as to how you’re actually going find the time to make it happen.

If your client roster isn’t full and your sales pipeline is leaking, it’s time to carve out time for sales and marketing.

In this week’s video, I’ll show you three things you can do right now to create space in your schedule so you can escape the spin cycle and work on activities that will grow your business.


Right now it may seem impossible to stop the spinning so your can concentrate on scaling your small business. If that’s how you feel, here are three easy ways to get started:

  1. Clarity

Get clear on your goals. When you answer the following questions, your sales and marketing targets will reveal themselves.

  • What are your revenue goals and how many clients will help you reach that number?
  • How much time is available for you to work? In other words, what are your “open hours?”
  • How much money are you willing to invest in hiring support or boosting the hours of your current team?
  1. Space

How can you free up time to work on revenue-generating activities?

One way to find wasted time is to do a time audit. It’s a real eye opener to see where you’re spending your time.

When this becomes known, you’ll be able to identify what tasks or projects you can defer or delegate.

  1. Accountability

Asking for help is the secret to entrepreneurial success.

Find someone to help you stay on track with your sales and marketing efforts. An accountability buddy or business coach is an ideal candidate for this role.

Your Turn
What’s the biggest obstacle standing in your way of spending more time on sales and marketing … and how can you conquer it? Share you comments below and let’s continue the conversation.