How to survive your mistakes

February 27, 2019By

What if I told you that it’s impossible for you to make a mistake?  

Did you give a sigh of relief?

Did you think, “Yeah right … I just made a huge mistake yesterday!”

Or maybe you thought …”Valeri … you’re dreaming, but go on, I’m listening …”

Let me offer a new way of looking at your so-called mistake.

A perspective that lets you off the hook, from the self-inflicted negative talk that you may have with yourself, (usually started by your inner critic).

Things like:

How could I have screwed up like that?

I can’t believe I did that!

What a [insert negative noun] I am!

If you’ve been caught in the downward spiral that comes after you’ve made what you thought to be a mistake, this video is for you!

I offer you another way of looking at what happened.

A positive perspective that shows you the true magic behind your “mistakes”.


I prefer to see a mistake as a learning experience, a way of guiding me along other paths.  

Your progress and growth will be stunted if you retreat every time you make a mistake.  

Think of Thomas Edison.

Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. If he had thought about the first attempt as a mistake, (or failure), we’d be sitting in the dark!

Don’t let your mistakes stop you in your tracks.

Instead acknowledge it happened, learn from it, and move forward.


What have you learned from your mistakes?