3 things you must do before you hire a virtual assistant

February 21, 2019By

You’re buried in work.

Some days it feels like you’re drinking out of a firehose.

Perhaps you’re like many busy solo business owners who are swamped and would do just about anything to ease the flow of tasks that bombard you each day.

So you do what anyone would do … you hire an assistant.


Wait just one minute.

Before you quickly hire someone, watch this video where I share three tips I wish I’d known before I hired my first virtual assistant. It would have saved me a ton of time, money and energy.


The key to creating a successful relationship between you and your virtual assistant is to set him/her up for success.

If they don’t have everything they need to get the job done, they’ll start asking you a bunch of questions, interrupting you … and likely frustrating you with the whole process (especially if this is your first time working with a virtual assistant).

Then the do-it-yourself dance starts to take over. You may say to yourself …

In the time it took me to explain how to do it … I could have just done it myself.

She keeps interrupting me asking me questions. I should have just done it myself. 

He didn’t do it exactly the way I wanted it done … I should have just it myself.

You get the picture. 

I see this all the time … and believe me, I’ve done the DIY dance many times myself as I transitioned over to having a virtual assistant help run the back end of my business.

The three tips that changed everything were:

  1. Create the system BEFORE I hired the VA so she’d know exactly how it’s done. And, I knew that it would be done the way I wanted it to be done.
  2. Put all my documents in the cloud so she could find them easily.
  3. Take my project management online with the right tech tool so I can assign tasks, communicate and track progress in one place (and get it out of my email inbox).

Having a virtual assistant is your key to creating space in your workload and your life.  

When you do those three things first, the experience will be much easier, smoother and more gratifying for both of you.

Now it’s your turn …

Are you considering hiring a virtual assistant? What are some of the tasks you’d love to delegate? Share them in the comments below and let’s continue the conversation.

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