Revealed: The secret to taking back control of your day

Does it feel like some days you’re just spinning your wheels and not actually getting things accomplished? Just when you sit down to (finally) work on your blog, follow up with prospects or create a new program offering …. you hear the ping of an email landing in your inbox and before you know it, you’re heading down the rabbit hole working on someone else’s priority.

I think I speak for every solopreneur when I say:

We’re tired of operating in reactive mode 99% of the time.

Just the other day, I met with my new client who echoed this sentiment. She was whirling and twirling through her day, putting out one fire after the other. When she stopped for just a nano second this is what popped into her head:

Where did my priorities go?

I’ve written them on my TO DO list.

I’ve blocked time in my calendar to get them done.

I’ve even put a sticky note on my computer to remind me.

Does this sound familiar?  Despite your best efforts, the fires keep winning.

I understand how frustrating this is!

If you want to turn your days from a reactive race into proactive productivity …

here’s the secret sauce to make that happen.

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It may sound simplistic … the idea of checking in with yourself through the day … gauging your energy level and intentionally working within it.

True, many days you may feel you don’t have that option. Clients, deadlines and obligations can trip you up.

Want to know how to start?

Start small and build from there.

One step at a time … it WILL become a habit.

Here’s a success story

My client, who runs a bustling IT company, has completely turned his work schedule around doing this one thing.

Knowing he’s most productive during the morning, he no longer books meetings from 8 to 12. He closes his email and works solely on his priorities. And it has impacted how much he gets done … and what he gets done.

Being intentional works for him.

And it can work for you too.

The question is …

… will you let it?

Post your answer in the comments below and let’s continue the conversation.