Let’s banish the boring tasks in your business

If you never again had to do any busywork in your business, what would that allow you to get done instead?

That’s a question I recently asked a group of successful and ambitious solo business owners. Their responses varied; some would pursue personal interests, others would (finally!) get that “someday” money-making project off the ground, others would concentrate on strategically growing their business.

What they all agreed was it would give them the bandwidth they needed to work on what matters most.

I have a name for that place in your business where the operational weeds grow and where the mundane boring chores thrive.

It’s called the Grind.

It’s full of the stuff that has to get done to keep things moving. It’s the behind-the-scenes that includes everything from taking out the garbage, to scheduling appointments, to designing marketing materials to managing projects.

As a result of doing all this stuff yourself, your business feels disorganized, overwhelming and a chore to run. When you spend too much time in the Grind you find it increasingly difficult to keep up with all the balls you’re juggling. Most days you’re on pins and needles waiting for them to come crashing down.

There is another way to work.

A way that allows you to rise to your brilliance and focus on your priorities. A way that allows you to proactively approach each workday, instead of putting out fires. I’m on a mission to banish busywork and burnout and help solo business owners take back their time, energy and brilliance.

Watch this video where I’ll share what happens when you spend too much time in the Grind … and what you can do about it.