Why work smarter not harder is a myth

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “work harder not smarter” more times than you can count. I know I have, and each time I hear it I want to poke my eyes out.

It’s become such a cliche, which many overworked and overwhelmed people have adopted as their mantra.

The reality is, you are smart and you work hard.

The definition of smart is being intelligent. Let’s face it, you ARE intelligent. As the owner of your business, you wouldn’t have risen to where you are now if you weren’t smart. That’s why I find the whole smarter, not harder movement so misguided.

In this video, I offer you a different perspective, one that honours all the hard work you’ve put into your business to take it to this level of success.

I know this subtle shift will help you get more done with less stress … in a smart and hardworking way!

Work fully and intentionally.