Why DIY is hurting your business

You’re busy.

Without a doubt, you’ve got more on your plate than hours in your day.

So why do you still take on work that’s outside your brilliance?

I’m not playing the blame game; I’m guilty of doing it too. In fact, I was expanding my DIY repertoire by enrolling in a bunch of “How To” courses. I was so eager to be taught how to edit my own videos, build my own website, and do my own bookkeeping.

Some of the workshops were really good, in fact most of them were really good. The trouble came when I had to implement what I learned all on my own. That’s when it all fell apart. Why? Because the topics were outside my genuine interests, inherent strengths and natural capabilities. As a result. I flailed around, creating subpar results.

In a nutshell … I was wasting my time, money and energy.

I signed up for these courses without giving it another thought because, back then, I was still in the start up phase of my business. Bootstrapping and doing everything myself was business as usual for me.

As my business grew and I got more clients, I still operated like I was back in the start up days with my DIY mindset firmly in place. I was losing sight of the bigger picture, with no time to think strategically and pilot my business to higher heights.

If any of this sounds familiar, I have two words for you:

Stop It.


Because your business will plateau and you will burn out if you keep operating this way.

In this video I share the advice I gave two of my clients when they were travelling down the DIY road. Remember, you have a choice which direction you will take your business. Choose wisely.


Focus on your strengths and delegate your weaknesses.