How to stop doing too many chores in your business

This weekend we open our cottage for the season. I can already smell the scent of bacon and coffee in the morning.

I was telling my friend Carol how excited I am and she turned to me with an exhausted look and said,“Isn’t having a cottage a lot of work?”

The simple answer is Yes, but we learned early on a very important fact.

The secret to being a happy cottage owner is to spend less time on chores and more time doing the things we love.

That meant splitting up tasks between family members and hiring someone for those jobs that were beyond our skillset. No more doing everything ourselves.

Are you DIYing your business?

You likely started your business to break away from the grind of having a j.o.b. But as your business grew, so did your workload. The result was you were still taking care of the business while at the same time helping your clients achieve results. Both take up a lot of space on your calendar and require a great deal of your attention.

It’s time to reclaim your focus.

If you want to have a thriving and profitable business, it’s essential you stop doing the chores and instead focus on the tasks that move your business forward.

Using your attention to focus on busywork will cause your business to plateau and you to burn out. It happened to me, so I speak from experience.

In this video I share a simple focusing mantra that I use everyday (at least once) and I teach it to all my clients. I know it will help you reposition your attention when it starts to wander towards busywork.

The secret to being a happy business owner is to spend less time on chores and more time doing the things you love.