Why quick fixes are bad for your business

The other day I was wandering through a trade show perusing the various booths and partaking in the free samples to lure me in. All were promising to erase my wrinkles with their magic cream, help me shed those excess pounds with their super drink or make me a better speaker with their program.

What struck me was this …

They are all quick fixes.

Kudos to them for zeroing in on people’s pain points and offering a solution. As a business owner that’s likely what you’ve been told to do by the gurus. And there is a place for that angle.

As humans, we are all looking for the bandage that will stop the bleeding of time, money and energy. Heck, I do it to0.

However, what I believe is: too many bandages in your business equal a shaky foundation. The result is temporary relief from a much bigger issue.

I speak from experience.

For a very long time I was spinning in my business. My pain point was not having enough clients. I attended a bunch of workshops, invested in an expensive marketing program and spent countless hours following one guru after another.

Still the spin continued. Why? Because I hadn’t addressed the essence of the issue: my brand message wasn’t clear. Once I hired an expert to peel back the layers of my business brand… everything else flowed easily and effortlessly, including getting more clients.

In this video, I make a special plea to you. Doing this one crucial thing will help you have the space you need to delve deeper, find the root cause of the pain and address it. When you invest a little time and energy upfront, you will be rewarded tenfold.

Quick fixes only pause the bigger issue.