The importance of keeping it personal

Making personal connections is what business growth is all about. It starts with the exchange of a business card, and a “promise” to get in touch, so you can continue the conversation and see where it leads.

You may have heard about the Know, Like + Trust ladder, and how it’s essential to helping you get more clients. People have to get to know you before they like you and when that happens, trust is achieved and they’re more likely to buy from you.  Well, two times this week I’ve had something happen to me where people are missing a rung in that ladder.

Forgive my rant in this video; however, it really bugs me when people I don’t know well (but want to) do this one thing. It also makes me not want to spend the time getting to know them and their business better. Why?

Because they have broken the trust.

I’m all for having follow up systems in your business. Having said that, those processes must all be created to keep it personal with your prospects and your clients.

Even a whiff that you’re just another business card will send prospects running in the other direction.

That’s just what happened to me this week.

Watch this video to find out what happened. [Caution: I go into a bit of a rant!]

Your actions pave the way for people to trust you.