It’s time to stop working so much

Are you the sole owner of your business? Do you do everything to keep things running? Perhaps you have a team of fewer than five? Does your business generate revenues under $1 million?

Then you’re a micro business.

You’re in good company. I’m one … and so are more than 500,000 business owners in Canada.

So how do micro businesses thrive? How do you scale in a way that keeps you lean yet doesn’t burn you out and doesn’t dry up your cash flow?

My clients often ask me these questions. There are a unique set of challenges for your micro business. While you don’t have to worry about what pension or benefit package will work for your employees, you do have to strategically decide which marketing automation tool to use or how your business will run while you’re on vacation.

If you work too many hours and believe the only answer to keeping up is putting more time into your business, then you’ll love what I’m going to share in this video.

There is another way to operate your micro business. You can get out of the grind of running things 24/7, work fewer hours, have less stress and still make a decent profit.

This video will show you how to get started …

Big things come from small beginnings.