How to paint a picture of your business

Have you ever paused to reflect on the type of business you’re building? If you’re like most busy entrepreneurs, I suspect the answer is no. Perhaps you have a business plan or a general (yet fuzzy) picture of what you’re building. Or, perhaps you haven’t had the time because you’re too caught in the frenzy…

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Do you need a CRM?


Business owners ask me this question all the time: Valeri, do I need a CRM? The quick answer is yes, a CRM, or Contact Relationship Manager is an essential tech tool to help your rapidly growing business build client relationships and boost sales. A CRM, when used correctly, is more than just a database of…

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How to be an award winner in your business


This is the time of year where award ceremonies are running rampant. The Grammy’s, Emmy’s, Oscars to name a few. On a smaller scale there are other awards being given out. In fact, I was just at an awards ceremony for a global networking group of which I am a member. As the recipients took…

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How to break free from perfection paralysis


The one thing I know about perfection is that it is impossible to reach. The more you try to attain it, the more elusive it becomes. I have struggled for years with being a perfectionist. In fact, some days it still is a struggle. Sometimes I hide behind it for fear of putting myself out…

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